What is the S-CAT?

The S-CAT is a new reliable and valid measurement tool a company can use to assess their progress towards achieving an exemplary safety climate across 8 leading indicators (see What is Jobsite Safety Climate tab). The tool was jointly developed by researchers at CPWR-The Center for Construction Research and Training and Washington State University Vancouver. It is the product of a multi-year effort — incorporating extensive input from numerous construction stakeholders, as well as decades of findings documented in the scientific and trade literatures — to better understand the indicators of safety climate within the construction industry.

There is no charge to take the S-CAT. Once all the S-CAT questions have been answered, the program generates a report that contains feedback about high and low scoring indicators and includes comparative scores from individuals at other construction companies who have taken the S-CAT.

Here are a few testimonials from companies that have already successfully used the S-CAT to improve their safety climate.

If you are interested in receiving a company-level feedback report based on responses from multiple employees, please click here to notify the S-CAT team, so that we can provide you with a confidential code and survey link to distribute to your employees.

Take the S-CAT today and get started on improving your safety climate!