"...completing the S–CAT at our company has illuminated specific

areas for improvement through the use of objective analytics."

- Dimeo Construction Company

Corporate Safety Director

"The S-CAT offers contractors regardless of size, the opportunity to

find out - at no cost - what employees at all levels think of the

company's safety climate and culture..."

- American Contractors Insurance Group

Sr. Safety Consultant

"Having the ability to assess the safety climate of our jobsites

using the S-CAT was critical for letting us know how and

where to best use resources for continual improvement."

- Safway Services


"We have used the S-CAT model for

our construction insurance

captive with great success."

- Willis Insurance

VP of Construction

Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT)

The Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) is a free resource available to any construction contractor or safety and health professional who wants tailored and actionable information to improve their company’s jobsite safety climate. A strong jobsite safety climate has been shown to have a positive impact on safety and health outcomes, and be predictive of reported injury rates. (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022437518304444)

With just a few clicks, company employees, including management, answer questions about eight research-based leading indicators of jobsite safety climate.

Once finished, a report is generated that contains feedback about high and low scoring indicators and includes comparative scores from individuals at other construction companies who have taken the S-CAT.

With the report in hand, users can click on the Improve Jobsite Safety tab to find safety management ideas for strengthening low scoring indicators.  After making improvements, the company can use the S-CAT periodically to track progress at improving jobsite safety climate.

What is Jobsite
Safety Climate?

The safety climate on a construction jobsite refers to management’s and worker’s shared perceptions about the extent to which safety is rewarded, expected, valued and reinforced.

What is the

The S-CAT is a free resource construction companies can use to self-assess their safety climate across eight research-based leading indicators. Results can pinpoint areas of success and areas for improvement.

Improve Jobsite
Safety Climate

After completing the S-CAT and receiving the feedback report, users can find safety management improvement ideas and tips for moving along the path to achieving an exemplary safety climate. 

Take the S-CAT today and get started on improving your safety climate!